What we provide

Healthcare Series

The Company is in partnership with leading healthcare organizations world-wide, such as Moorfields Eye Hospital (UK), Universitaet des Saarlandes(DE), Foundation for Research and Technology (GE), Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (GE). We offer a series of solutions for healthcare, including mobile games for stereoscopic vision testing and treatment; mobile apps for patient monitoring and self-patient care. 

The Company is currently involved in a European project called MyHealthAvatar. MyHealthAvatar is a European Commission funded 3-year project, which started in March, 2013. It includes 9 organisations across 4 European countries with a wide range of expertise in clinics, ICT, legal system and industry. The purpose of the project is to test the feasibility of building a patient self-managed avatar, which contains a wide spectrum of health status data, including medical records, medical data and other health related information, such as diet, life style, family history etc. It is believed by the clinical experts that a comprehensive and lifetime collection of such a data will bring significant benefit to medical diagnosis, treatment and health prediction. Notably, patients will be placed at the centre of the envisaged avatar system, which will allow them to effectively manage their own health information and to be actively involved in their own healthcare.


Web Knowledge Mining

We have developed a social network service to facilitate research activities on the webs. The social network service, which is named as ScholarsWeb, will follow a similar sprit as those currently available, such as LinkedIn and ResearchGate. The purpose is to promote interaction between researchers and to facilitate the exploration of common research interests. It will be based on information extraction, document summarization, semantic web and visual analytics. The service is now available at http://www.scholarsweb.co.uk/

The Company is also involved in a European project called Dr Inventor. Dr Inventor is a European Commission funded 3-year project, which just started in January, 2014. It includes 8 organisations across 4 European countries with a wide range of expertise in computational creativity, ICT and universities. It  will be the first web-based system that supports the exploration of scientific creativity via a computational approach, which will overcome a lot of human limitations: People have difficulty in seeing past the current problem description; they often fail to notice useful analogies even when they are present; they tend to rate distant analogies as less useful even if they produce better results, and they suffer from working memory limitations, false memories, selective thinking, perception limitations, biases, emotional hindrances etc. Within this context, Dr Inventor has a great potential in inspiring scientific novelty through fostering of a broader openness to creativity and through overcoming problem fixation, through retention of potentially useful comparisons between relevant works due to a broader awareness of the state of the art. It will feature interesting functionalities that provide computer-generated research concepts and workflows that would be thought as creative if performed by a human.


Parallel Computing

The Company participated in a European project called GPSME. GPU programming requires specialist skills different from those of conventional programming. GPSME provides a simple route to make easy access of GPU power for the SME participants. Through close cooperation between the SMEs and RTD performers, GPSME has developed a toolkit to support the conversion of existing sequential CPU code to an optimal GPU implementation. With such a toolkit, the SMEs can convert their existing CPU code without costing significant resources. It also supports the execution of advanced techniques within acceptable runtime and hence allows the SMEs to use computing models with higher complexity in their new products. GPSME produces a breakthrough that opens the door for performance gains in many different areas.  


Location Series

Location-based apps make use of mobile network and/or GPS to obtain geographical positions of a mobile device. This information can be used in various contexts.  SmartTracker tracks the locations of a phone and sends messages to designated receivers at a fixed frequency. This is useful if parents want to know the whereabouts of their children, and if you are on the way to an appointment with friends. We can also use it for elderly and patient care, and for the companies providing delivery services and on-door services. SmartReminder automatically sends you a message upon approaching designated places. It can be useful as a shopping reminder when you approach a supermarket. It can also be used as reminders at your home, office, or other locations etc.