What we do

We specialise in intelligent data analysis technology and we have been working on a number of leading solutions that support data analysis across multiple platforms. Our Atomatic Photo Processing suite is a mobile app that allows processing of photos captured by built-in mobile cameras to create special visual effects, such as photo stitching etc. Our new technologies for web data mining allows web data gathering, information processing and visualization and is applicable  to  support various scientific research and application areas. Our Heading Counting suite is a mobile app that is capable of automatically detecting and counting people through mobile cameras. Our Stereoscopic games include a series of computer games that are able to test and train stereoscopic visions for ophthalmic patients, bringing in great benefits especially for young patients. We have also developed leading eyetracking technolgies that have opened the door for a number of potential application areas. We have also been involved in the work of medical image analys and developed techniques that target medical image processing, analysis, segmentation and lesion detection, offering great assistance to medical professionals and patients.

We have been actively involved in competitions for nationial and European fundings. The Company has been awarded a number of projects funded by Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and by European Commission. We have been in partnership with top universities, healthcare organizations and other SMEs. By working together with our partnerships, the Company is contributing to the latest technology advance in intelligent data analysis.