Serious Game for healthcare

Eye disease is one of the major health problems in the UK and worldwide. Studies show that many eye problems start to develop in childhood. A constant monitoring of children’s vision, such as their response to light, ability to follow a target, can help detect signs of the problems in their early life, leading to early treatment that contributes significantly to a successful recovery.

We have decided to focus on a particular type of eye testing for patients with Amblyopia (i.e. “lazy eye”). Our mobile apps are specially designed for helping the diagnosis and treatment of Amblyopia by using modern ICT techniques. Amblyopia is a condition where the vision in an eye is poor caused by its lack of use (and hence the lack of training of the corresponding brain area) in early childhood. Such a lack of training in early childhood often leads to a life-time visual impairment. Clinically, doctors recommend that the treatments need to take place before the age of about seven. Therefore, an early detection of the problem in childhood is of significant importance. However, in most cases, it is difficult to detect the problem at low ages, since often there are no apparent symptoms that could be easily recognized by parents.

We have developed an eye testing suite to allow early detection and treatment of the disease. The suite is based on the use of computer games to allow patients to carry out eye testing and treatment through attractive computer games. This is particularly useful to children who often lack concentration and willingness to eye test. Given the significance of requirement on early detection of the disease, such a testing suite will be very useful. Vision deficiency in more children will be detected and treated at an early stage and a large population will benefit from the technology and applications developed by this project.