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Creativity is a way in which we examine a problem with an open mind and fresh eyes to explore new possibilities outside the established approaches through the use of our imagination based on knowledge. New technologies, in particular artificial intelligence, are drastically changing the nature of
The World Wide Web offers an open and decentralised environment for the access of a wide range of scholarly resources in terms of text, image and other information. These resources can only be utilised manually nowadays. This project will look into the technical feasibility of exploring the rich
The recent explosion of GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) power has not been fully utilised by many SMEs, possibly because GPU programming requires specialist skills different from those of conventional programming. GPSME will provide the SME participants with a simple route to accessing GPU power.
Eye disease is one of the major health problems in the UK and worldwide. Studies show that many eye problems start to develop in childhood. A constant monitoring of children’s vision, such as their response to light, ability to follow a target, can help detect signs of the problems in their
Recently, eye-tracking techniques are widely used in several fields. In clinical applications, an accurate and reliable eye tracking is of great value. For example, the detection and analysis of eye movement can show valuable indications of a large number of ophthalmic diseases, such as