The World Wide Web offers an open and decentralised environment for the access of a wide range of scholarly resources in terms of text, image and other information. These resources can only be utilised manually nowadays. This project will look into the technical feasibility of exploring the rich resources of web documents for scientific research by developing an original web-based system called ScholarWeb. ScholarWeb will utilise the state of the art technologies in search engine, machine intelligence for information extraction, semantic web and visual analytics to retrieve relevant research documents and to perform analysis on the documents by extracting and highlighting key information (e.g. key words, key sentences and paragraphs that state main contributions, technical points, performance) and presenting them to scientific researchers to assist their literature review and comprehension. ScholarWeb offers unique features in addition to the established research social networks and portals such as ResearchGate and CiteSeeX and therefore stands for good complementarities to the existing market