Apple Catcher

Amblyopia is commonly treated by wearing an adhesive patch over the non-amblyopic eye for several hours per day, over a period of many months. The purpose is to restrict the use of the good eye while forcing and training the amblyopic eye to work properly. This often gives disappointing results as it is unpopular, prolonged and it can even make the squint worse. As this treatment maybe last several months, little children often feel boring and become less cooperative. To overcome the difficulties, Apple Catcher is a mobile game that functions as a eye testing suite for children. This is mainly on standard mobile devices and therefore is accessible at low cost at anywhere anytime The main technical initiative is to separate two views from both eyes in order to allow different training to them. The separated views can lead to stereoscopic visions, which will allow the assessment of the balance between two eyes through the testing on depth cues.

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